March 26th, 2020
We now have official merchandise! Please check out our online gift shop here! All proceeds will go towards fundraising for future events! Thank you!

February 19th, 2019
The Naginata Open House will be on Monday, March 4th at 7:00pm.

We will go over some background information, do demonstrations, and practice together! New and interested folks can try out naginata, while experienced players can bring their bogu and practice!

There will be no fee, however, food and refreshments are welcome!

Please RSVP by emailing us with the following information:

1) Your name
2) Current dojo (if any)
3) Current rank (if any)
4) Contact email
5) Food or beverage you plan to bring

We look forward to seeing you all!

Location: Ken-Zen Institute
54 Thomas Street
New York, NY, 10013

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/555067618305682/

February 13th, 2019
Naginata is now back in Manhattan to the public!

Ken-Zen Institute, one of the oldest Japanese martial arts schools in New York City, will now have naginata classes on a weekly basis! Ken-Zen Institute is now an officially recognized dojo by the Greater New York Naginata Federation, with Vice President, Katie Roche, 5-dan, as the Chief Instructor. It is currently the only naginata dojo in Manhattan open to the public.

There will be an Open House with the date TBA. Please check back for more updates!

Facebook Page: Ken-Zen Institute's Official Facebook Page

Address: Ken-Zen Institute
54 Thomas Street
New York, NY 10013

December 22nd, 2018
The Boston area has gained an additional practice space!

Location: Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre
400 Harvard Street
Cambridge, MA, 02138

Practice Schedule:

Friday: 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Please contact us for more information!

May 1, 2018
Naginata is now in the Boston/Cambridge area!

The Cambridge Naginata Club has been officially recognized by GNYNF and The United States Naginata Federation! Please contact us for more information!

Practice times are currently:

Wednesday: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Recreation
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02142


August 15, 2017
GNY finally made its first tenugui! The treading is very good quality with no noticeable, sloppy bleeds.

The character in the middle is, "kokoro" which means, "heart" or "mind" in Japanese. Due to naginata's emphasis on polishing one's mind, we would like our members to remember this whenever they read this kanji during keiko.

If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, please send us an email! We'll be selling each tenugui for $15 to raise money for the federation and help bring over Sensei over for some really special seminars.

We sadly did not receive these in time to have matching gear at this year's Nationals, but you'll be sure to see us using these throughout the rest of the year!

Hurry while supplies last!!

August 14, 2017
After a long update hiatus, the website has finally been updated! Thank you all for your patience.

September 1-5, 2010
USNF Anual Seminar, Taikai and Shinsa

Torrance, California


Taikai Results

Engi (Dangai)

1st Place - Veronica Gunawan and James Libby (NCNF)
2nd Place - Talanda Williams and Lauren Hendrick (NCNF)
3rd Place - Tony Bernot and Corey Sisino (SCNF)

Engi (Yudansha)

1st Place - Kevin Saxton and Andrew Hong (SCNF)
2nd Place - Rika Takenaka and Andrea Vyas (SCNF)
3rd Place - Katie Roche and Patrick Magpayo (GNYNF)

Zen Nihon

1st Place - Ellery Engalla and Patrick Magpayo (GNYNF)
2nd Place  - Kurt Schmucker and Karen Schmucker (PNNF)
3rd Place - Rika Takenaka and Andrea Vyas (SCNF)

Individuals Women (Dangai)

1st Place- Veronica Gunawan (NCNF)
2nd Place - Jennifer Chung (PNNF)
3rd Place  - Lauren Hendrick (NCNF)

Individuals Men (Dangai)

1st Place - James Libby (NCNF)
2nd Place -Corey Sisino (SCNF)
3rd Place - Tony Bernot (SCNF)

Individuals Women (Yudansha)

1st Place -Katie Roche (GNYNF)
2nd Place- Andrea Vyas (SCNF)
3rd Place - Nayantara Sarpeshkar (GNYNF)

Individuals Men (Yudansha)

1st Place -Kevin Saxton (SCNF)
>2nd Place - Andrew Hong (SCNF)
3rd Place- Ellery Englla (GNYNF)

Team (Women)

1st Place- GNYNF
2nd Place - SCNF
3rd Place - NCNF

Team (Men)

1st Place - SCNF
2nd Place - GNYNF
3rd Place -NCNF

Congratulations to all !

March 27-28, 2010
GNYNF 11th Annual Seminar, Shinsa & Taikai


Jersey City, NJ


 USNF Anual Seminar,Taikai and Shinsa

August 13-16, 2009, Mt. Holyoke College, MA


Taikai Results:

Men's Team Event

1st Place : Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation

(Chris Coppeans / Bryce Harrop / Bob Peterson)

2nd Place : Greater New York Naginata Federation
(Mark Bonanomi / Patrick Magpayo / Ellery Engalla)

Women's Team Event

1st Place : Greater New York Naginata Federation
(Sasha Corchado / Klara Wahlster / Nayantara Sarpeshkar)

2nd Place : Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation
(Tatsue Monji / Kei Higaki / Karen Schmucker)

3rd Place : Southern California Naginata Federation
(Rika Takenaka / Cathy Mikuni / - )

Men's Individual (Yudansha Division)

1st Place : Ellery Engalla


2nd Place : Patrick Magpayo


3rd Place : Bob Peterson


Men's Individual (Kyu Division)

1st Place : Chris Coppeans


2nd Place : Bryce Harrop


Women's Individual (Yudansha Division)

1st Place : Tatsue Monji


2nd Place : Cathy Mikuni


3rd Place : Diana Payne


Women's Individual (Kyu Division)

1st Place : Klara Wahlster


2nd Place : Lindy Snyder


3rd Place : Sasha Corchado


Engi Tournament Zen Nihon Kata
(Sandan and above)

1st Place : Kei Higaki / Karen Schmucker


2nd Place : Rika Takenaka / Andrea Vyas


3rd Place : Cathy Mikuni / Leslee Williams


Engi Tournament Shikake-Oji (Yudansha Division)

1st Place : Kei Higaki / Karen Schmucker


2nd Place : Mark Bonanomi / Frank Dimarco


3rd Place : Cheuk Tang / Patrick Magpayo


Engi Tournament Shikake-Oji (Kyu Division)

1st Place : Chris Coppeans / Bryce Harrop


2nd Place : Klara Wahlster / Sasha Corchado


3rd Place : Jennifer Chung / Lindy Snyder


Photos: USNF

  August 6-10, 2008 Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr PA

JSS Summer camp  Iaido, Naginata, Kendo, Jodo  Seminar


USNF 2008 Championship
  Saturday, July 26. 2008 at San Jose State University, Ca.

Our members did great job. The result below.

Dangai Women Individuals

1. Monji (PNNF)
2. Snyder (PNNF)
3. Scearce (NCNF)

Dangai Men Individuals

1. Coppeans (PNNF)
2. Edwards (NCNF)
3. Holland (NCNF)

Dangai Engi

1. Snyder / Monji (PNNF)
2. Coppeans / Schultz (PNNF)
3. Takara / Holland (NCNF)


1. Nobida / Mitchell (NCNF)
2. DeHerrera / Takenaka (SCNF)
3. Simpson / Liu (NCNF)

Zen Nihon

1. Nobida / Mitchell (NCNF)
2. Higaki / Schmucker (PNNF)
3. Hazard / Sennewald (NCNF)

Women Individuals

1. Roche (GNY)
2. Hazard (NCNF)
3. Weber (RMNF)

Men Individuals

1. Magpayo (GNY)
2. Engalla (GNY)
3. Peterson (PNNF)

Women Teams

1. Williams / DeHerrera / Takenaka (SCNF)
2. Liu / Scearce / Hazard (NCNF)
3. Payne / Weber / * (RMNF)

Men Teams

1. Tang / Magpayo / Engalla (GNY)
2. Nobida / Mitchell / Lowe (NCNF)
3. Hernandez / Rossi / * (SCNF)

New 3-dan Patrick Magpayo (GNYNF)

Photos click here


March 27-29, 2008, CERC, Jersey City, NJ

 GNYNF Spring Naginata Seminar, Shinsa and Championship 


18 June 2006

Team Magpayo

The 2006 USNF Seminar, Taikai, and Tryouts is quickly approaching. Representing the federation are:

S. Prough, kyoshi
J. Prough, 3-dan

E. Engalla, 2-dan
P. Magpayo, 1-dan
K. Roche, 1-dan


New web site.