Upcoming events

  August 6-10, 2008 Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr PA

JSS Summer camp  Iaido Naginata, Kendo, Jodo  Seminar


USNF 2008 Championship held on Saturday, July 26. 2008 at San Jose State University, California.
Our members did great job. The result below.

Men's Team Match
1st Place - GNYNF (Taisho; Ellery Engalla, Chuken; Patrick Magpayo, Sempo; Cheuk Tang)   3(Three) times continue winer.

2nd Place - NCNF
3rd Place - SCNF

Men's Individual Match
1st Place - Patrick Magpayo (2-dan GNYNF)
2nd Place - Ellery Engalla (3-dan GNYNF)
3rd Place - Bob Peterson (4-dan PNNF)

Women's Individual Match
1st Place - Katie Roche (2-dan GNYNF)
2nd Place - Alyne Hazard (3-dan NCNF)
3rd Place - Johanna Weber (3-dan RMNF)

Women's Team Match
1st Place - SCNF
2nd Place - NCNF
3rd Place - RMNF

Youth Division Engi
1st Place - Serena(Nana) Tang & Edsel Engalla

New 3-dan Patrick Magpayo (GNYNF)


March 27-29, 2008, CERC, Jersey City, NJ

 GNYNF Spring Naginata Seminar, Shinsa and Championship 


18 June 2006

Team Magpayo

The 2006 USNF Seminar, Taikai, and Tryouts is quickly approaching. Representing the federation are:

S. Prough, kyoshi
J. Prough, 3-dan

E. Engalla, 2-dan
P. Magpayo, 1-dan
K. Roche, 1-dan


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