10-14 July 2002

ECNF hosts USNF annual Naginata Seminar and Taikai at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr Pennslyvania A very successful seminar and Taikai was held at beautiful Bryn Mawr College on July 10 thur 14, 2002. The training was led by Miyako Tanaka (Kyoshi), Sachiko Yamauchi (Kyoshi), Helen Nakano (Renshi), and Takami Tanner (Godan). Over 30 students from around the country participated. In addition there were students from Canada and Brazil. The ratio of Sensei to students was very good and everyone got individual attention and help.

On Friday night, there was a promotion examination given in the dance studio above Pembroke Arch. The result was 4 new Yudansha for the ECNF! Congratulations to our new Shodan:

Mark Magpayo, New York Naginata Club
Ernest Lissabet, Northern Virginia Naginata Club
Yousr Khalil, Northern Virginia Naginata Club
Raymond Espiritu, Northern Virginia Naginata Club

In addition, Joshua Badgley made Ikkyu, next stop Shodan. Three new members from SE PA, show how quickly they can learn by managing to reach Yonkyu after only 24 hours of formal Naginata Instruction. These 3 then went on to make a very good ³impression² as the ECNF B-Team. They are: Ben LaFrance, Raj Subrahmanian, and Kelly Knight.

To all of them: Omedeto Gozaimashita


The 7th USNF Naginata Taikai went off without a hitch and finished in a reasonable time. A gift from the ECNF was special medals for all winners. While the California Federations dominated the Yudansha competition, the ECNF managed to get its share of our medals back. The list of the ECNF winners:

Fran Vall, 2nd place Women's Yudansha Shiai
Yousr Khalil, Women's Dangai Shiai Champion
Ellery Engalla, Men's Dangai Shiai Champion
Ernest Lissabet, Men's 3rd place Dangai Shiai
ECNF Team, 3rd place USNF Team Championship
Ernest Lissabet (Taisho), Ray Espiritu (Chuken), Ellery Engalla (Senpo)
Joshua Badgley & Ernest Lissabet, Dangai Engi Champions
Yousr Khalil & Ray Espiritu, Dangai Engi 2nd place

Special Note on ECNF B-Team This team had a total of 24 hours of instruction when they went into this Taikai. Kelly Knight had never been in any type of tournament before. But, all three showed great promise. Ben LaFrance not only beat Ray Espiritu, he also almost scored on the USNF Champion, Kevin Saxton. His performance was duly noted with the special award below.

KANTÔSHÔ (Fighting Spirit Award)
This award is given by the officials for those who show that extra effort and ability to push on against the odds. Out of the 4 Kanshô awarded, half went to the ECNF.

Ray -tenderfoot- Espiritu
Ben -sune can be fun- LaFrance