29-30 Oct 2005

This past week the Canadian Naginata Federation passed several milestones. It was an exhausting but exciting time. Early in the week, Tanaka Sensei arrived from California. Fran Vall also arrived from Washington DC. They gave a 3 day Tendo Ryu work shop. While Tendo Ryu has been given in short one day or half day session in Guelph Ontario at the July Japanese weapons seminar held each year at the University of Guelph, this is the first time for such an intensive and detailed Tendo Ryu session.

On Friday, Tanaka Sensei and Vall Sensei led an all day session on how to teach Naginata for just the various CNF Club leaders.

That night the CNF held a Board Meeting that covered a lot of necessary business.

On Friday afternoon, Yamauchi Sensei, John Prough, Yulin Zhuang, and Katie Roche drove up from New York city. Ryoko Hamada flew in later that night from NYC since she could not get out of school on Friday.

There were a total of 7 from the USNF, including Madeleine Yeh from ECNF who drove Vall Sensei. There were also two from France in attendance. These nine were outnumbered by about 25 Canadians! The CNF has gone from non-existence 3 years ago to holding seminars of over 30 people including teachers. It was a very exciting time for them and they are to be congratulated. Particularly, the CNF officers who have put in long hours of work while trying to coordinate everything over 3 time zones and 2000 miles.

The Shinsa on Sunday had 3 people try for Sandan: Deryck Webb from Edmonton Alberta, John Prough and Ryoko Hamada from Nichibukan in ECNF. All passed. Canada had held its first local promotion to Sandan. Another milestone! There was also a promotion to Shodan and Ikkyu (only 14 but she hits much older and harder than her age) by CNF members from Toronto. Plus, 8 more kyu promotions to between gokyu and sankyu. They now have 2 Sandan (one living in Nagoya) 6 shodan. There are around 50 CNF members in total in 4 dojo.

I am so happy to see the CNF come so far and so fast. Now they have a good base, they need to work on basics and improve their Naginata. Gambatte CNF!

John Prough