14-16 Oct 2005


I am pleased to announce the successful completion of the 10th annual ECNF Naginata Seminar. We had nine participants, including two beginners, and three instructors, all from ECNF. Unfortunately, we had five members, who had planned to attend, but were unable to do so because of work or school committments.

At the annual membership meeting, Fran Vall was unanimously reelected as ECNF President. The corps of officers also did not change as all were reappointed (in accordance with our bylaws), and all accepted reappointment.

The first "all ECNF" grading panel was assembled on early Sunday afternoon to accept the grading challenge by two unranked members from the New York Naginata Club: Jeremy Engalla (Ellery's nephew) is now nikyu, and Thomas Lupia yonkyu. Congratulations. (Four of the five members who were absent would also have been eligible to grade.)

I would like to thank the two senior level instructors for the very good job they did over the course of this event.

I would also like to thank the Board of Directors of the Budokai for permission to use the regular Budokai training space for this seminar this past weekend.

Finally I would like to thank the attendees for coming, especially those who had to travel, and the local hosts who housed all of the out-of-town students.

Ray Sosnowski
ECNF Admin. Secretary
Northern Virginia Budokai President